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Video Albums > Older Mixed Videos > WW2 Film Drama - The Light Before Dawn (full movie HD) SUBS - 38min First video Previous video Next video Last video
On the day of his young grandson Leonidas' birthday, an aged Vasilis remembers the days of 1944 when he was a young rebel fighting against the Germans. He and another soldier have lost their company and are wandering in the countryside when they fall upon a German ambush. The Germans are hunting down two Italian soldiers a few months after Italys truce with the Allies. One of the two Italians gets killed during the scramble while the second one follows the two Greeks who manage to escape. For common soldiers, the treaty is a difficult reality to embrace. They cannot see each other as allies a few mere months after fighting as enemies.
(Duration: 38 min)

Directed by Christos Megarchiotis

Produced by Anastasios Gizoris, Georgia Diakaki, Georgios Megarchiotis, Alexandra Beli, Christos Megarchiotis

Production Manager Georgios Zacharakis

Director of photography Stamos Abatis

Music by Konstantinos Zacharopoulos

Set & Costume Designers
Katerina Zourari & Yannis Korres

Sound Design Stelios Koupetoris

Starring: Vasilis Tsaglos, Dimitris Daskas, Giannis Adrimis, Maria Houhou, George Kaloxilos, Thanassis Petropoulos, Leonidas Stamou, Maria Branidou, Mary Saousopoulou

Video Action © 2010

Date: 23.06.15
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